Super White | 24x24 Porcelain Tile

Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Surface Finish: Polished / High Gloss
  • Edge & Tech: Rectified, Nano
  • Product Type: Porcelain
  • Style: Modern Classic
  • Sizes Available: 24x24" | 24x48" 


Description & Info

* Offering modern to classic appeal with high-gloss finish. Durable and scratch-resistant. 

* Rectified tiles are cut so that they can be installed with minimal grout lines and give a very clean look. Rectified tiles are cut to produce a sharp, precise edge with a flat surface.

* This tile has inkjet print quality, which produces a high definition image that thoroughly covers the tile and results in a natural, authentic look.

* PEI measures a tile's durability and ability to withstand foot traffic. On a scale of 1-5, this tile rated at 3 PEI. These can withstand moderate to heavy traffic and is suitable for all residential and medium commercial floor and wall applications. It can be used on all indoor wall applications, all interior and all residential interior floors.

Super White | 24x24 Porcelain Tile


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