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About Us

Stone Zone offers some of the best quality, trending colors and sizes of natural stone tiles and pavers in the market. Transparency is at the top of our list when we present you one of our products. Our goal is to make sure you know the details of a product before committing to a large order. 
At any given time, large inventory of products ready to ship in our warehouses. Besides sourcing most of our products from quarries in Turkey we also source from other worldwide quarries like Greece, Spain, Italy and wherever a unique product is hidden. Our search for exciting new trends in the global markets to meet the demand never stops.
As a decade went by since established, we continue to grow along with our loyal clients including many contractors and builders.


Years of experience made us understand natural stone and tiles inside out; from formation, origins to how its transformed to quality to installation technics. We are transparent about each individual product when we present it to you.  Our efforts go into making sure that our clients know the product before committing to order and happy in the end of the day.  And hey!  In the rare case that something is not right, we’ll do everything to fix it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce our line products to nationwide trade professionals including designers and architects who seek perfections. 




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