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Tile Ordering & Helpful Tips

Size Availability

  You may like one of our product but don't  see the size you want?... we may just have it but haven't listed yet. Especially  if you are looking for larger size tiles. We constantly source new color tiles and sizes... In the case we don't have the size you are looking for;  we may present you an alternative similar color in the size  you want as an option. 

So don't hesitate to get in touch with us and find out about it.


  We usually keep a large inventory in all materials. Inventory on some of the popular items/tiles may change on a daily basis. But %99 of the time stocks are good and no worries.

Its always a good idea to double check the inventory with us before going ahead  with the order.

Sample Requesting

  All tile samples are for you to have an idea and get a feel of what the tile will look like.

Natural stone tile samples represents an overall look... it does not mean that all tiles will look the same as the sample. Natural stone tiles are products of nature and each piece is unique.

- How to request a SAMPLE: Simply contact us or complete the sample request form  and Submit it to us !

- Our regional sales rep will stop by to drop off the samples and to answer any questions you may have.

Quote Requesting

  Just give us a call or you can complete quote request form  simply for planning and comparing. 

                                                                                         Questions?               Contact Us


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