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Silver | Travertine Pavers

Product Details

  • Color: Silver, gray
  • Finish: Tumbled
  • Product Type: Travertine
  • Thickness: 1.25"
  • Sizes available: 6x12" | 12x24" | 16x16" |16x24" | 24x24" | French Pattern


Description and Application

*  Beautifull blend of silver, light and dark greywith some tan colors.  This is one of the most popular color of recent years chosen by top designers. Our selection of Silver travertine is only premium qualit.  Silver is a durable travertine paver and can be used for many outdoor projects with comfident. 


* Tumbled finish, natural texture and tonal variation provides a rustic, aged look that blends with the surroundings to create an aesthetic.

* These pavers are suitable for exterior projects like driveway, walkways and patios, as well as projects such as pool surrounds and many other outdoor projects.

Silver | Travertine Pavers


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