Aqua Shell | Limestone Tile Versailles Pattern

Product Details

  • Color: White, Ivory
  • Product Type: Limestone
  • Finish: Brushed
  • Edge: Chiseled (chipped)
  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Size: Sold as bundles of ( 2x 8x8" | 1x 8x16" | 2x 16x16" | 1x 16x24 )


Description and Application

* Off-White to light ivory colors with timeless sea shell fossils.

* Brushed finish surface with a chipped edge limestone pattern tiles provides a rustic, aged look that blends with the surroundings to create an old-world aesthetic.

* These natural stone tiles are durable and have various shades that create a subtle visual interest. 

* A complete pattern is 16 sq. ft. of each rectangular and square tiles that combine to create a Versailles pattern.

* Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. These tiles are perfect for all exterior projects like walkways, patios, pool surrounds as well as interior flooring projects. 

Aqua Shell | Limestone Tile Versailles Pattern


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